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Friday Night Reflection: Gratitude

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for answering my prayer of protection today. I know you were there with me and I am grateful for your presence.

I don’t know where the road ahead is leading..but I trust you to guide my footsteps.

You see everything that has happened before and what is to come.

Please give me your peace. Release my anxiety…help me not to carry this burden any further than the end of this post. Allow me to sleep peacefully and wake rested and refreshed. Your will is all I want. Help me to see You in everything I face – your answer and opinion are the only things that count.

Thank YOU, too for answering my other prayer this week. Your answer is proof that you do work in the silence(s) and I believe you made your answer very clear, just as I requested.

If I am to write Lord, be it the blog or any other project you have in mind…create the pathway and the means for it to happen: I am listening for you.

Bless us this weekend with hearts full of appreciation, kindness and love. Allow us all to be a beacon of your light and love – bless each of us with the power to shine.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Prayer – Listen for His Voice! He is calling you…

Holy Father,

Here I am again, kneeling before you and looking for the words. I’m not worthy of your grace, but am changed by simply “being” in your presence.

I sit looking at the cursor on my laptop while the world outside this window shifts into high gear. Make the words on this page speak volumes to those who are in desperate need of your love. There is more than enough of you to go around.

I saw two videos this week and I have been arguing with myself about whether or not to post them. You know the ones I am referring to. Too many hurting souls are questioning your sovereignty, your very existence. I will not allow myself to be affected by the doubters. My job is here and continues…

The best I can do (and I believe what you expect from me) is to listen to your nudges and transcribe those thoughts right here. So, here I go:


Lord, Soften the hearts of those who have hardened themselves to you

Allow those, who eyes have been blinded by the lies of the enemy, to uncover the truth, Your Truth

For those who are facing their last days, their last hours on this earth…help them to find you and seek your grace (better one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere!) Psalm 84:10

In the busy-ness of life, when we allow ourselves to get caught up with what doesn’t really matter; bring us back to you.

We will all meet you at some point, Lord. Prepare us for that day, but in the meantime guide us to your presence. The only place where peace can truly be found.

Thank you for your grace and mercy, and the many blessings we see – and even those we don’t.

In Jesus name, Amen

( I have loved Casting Crowns since I first heard them a couple of years ago…but I’d never seen this video until I was led to post it – I screen every video before I include it – I didn’t realize I hadn’t understood all the lyrics until I saw them in this video. Take the time to watch it…let it lift you up – feel free to sing along with it! I’m not embarrassed to say, it brought tears to my eyes.)







Prayer: Forget the crawl…MoVe!

I woke my youngest up this morning only to hear…”I don’t want to go to school.”¬† Hmm…it’s waaayyyto early in the year to be saying that. This is the first day of the 2nd week!

Though, I empathize with her. I feel like I am trying to juggle so much right now, don’t we all feel that way? Most of the juggling I have brought on myself: The “I want to’s” easily outweigh the “I need to’s and I have to’s”

So Dear God, since I am made in your image…since your spirit dwells within me, what would YOU have me do today? What actions and words should I do that would put a smile on your face?

Your opinion is really THE only thing that matters. Without your grace, I am a fish out of water. Without your presence filling up this thirsty soul, my success rate will be horribly minimized. Give me the fire of holy purpose to move in the direction YOU desire for ME. I can’t see beyond the tip of my nose to know what is in-store so I am relying on you to gently guide and direct me.

I’m tired of fighting the good fight without Your armor Lord. Cleanse me, cover me, sanctify me. Make me WHAT I need to be, to do what I must do. You are the Light and peace I crave…so bless me in abundance with those gifts I am not capable of giving myself. Speak to me…allow me to hear you and see you. Thank you for today, your breath of life….your son and His mercy. Fill our hearts and minds with your Holy Fire and set us in motion

Jesus, You ARE awesome.


Shine His light, Make a difference: Get out the and get Move-ing with Mercy Me



Prayer: God’s Puzzle

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the gift of today, for the moment of now. For giving me breath to speak your word and vision to find you in it. I often forget how easy it is to get caught up in burden as I watch others “run around” in circles; please help me to stay grounded and reach out for your hand!

We live life as if it is a complex puzzle that WE have to unscramble, when the truth is the enemy WANTS us to believe we must unscramble our own puzzle instead of SEEKING you. The truth is, we are part of the puzzle you created and without your help, we won’t be able to finish what we weren’t meant to start WITHOUT you….

Thank you for your love, that fills me…lifts me up and wraps itself around me. Wherever the storms of life rise up on my path, You are with me. Although it’s often hard to feel you when the darkness closes in, when it does your angels hover close. I am NeVer alone. WE ARE NEVER alone

Whatever words I speak today, use me. Help me to hear your voice and shower me with your wisdom. Discernment is the key I seek, I ask for your blessing of wisdom and discernment.

I’m looking for you everywhere today, Father…show me who you are.


“A New Day” Prayer

Dear Father,

Another day has dawned and with it my blurry eyes seek you. Help my mind, body and spirit to tune in to your leading. Gently guide me along the path you’ve destined for my benefit. Help me to understand each milestone, grow through each stumbling block and appreciate those learning curves. I crave your wisdom and yearn for discernment while I navigate the waters of today. My needs are fully satisfied with you, in you and by you. Allow me to see, feel and hear your voice…you give meaning to a world lost in greed and blinded by sin. Your light sustains me to continue reaching for the goodness your love provides.

I don’t know what today holds for me Father, but I do know that I pray for your best to rain down on us all. Be a shelter in the storm to those seeking “cover” and protection. Provide comfort where aching hearts and bodies are ravaged by brokenness and disease. You are our healer, redeemer and everlasting Savior.

With you, present and presiding over our lives…EVeRY Good thing is possible. Thank you for all of your blessings. Today, everyday and forever more.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

Sunday Reflections

Father God,

You are Holy, Mighty and Worthy…we seek your strength, help us find our worth

You are loving…help us to love each other, without conditions or pretense

You are our Creator, you belief in life. Help us to seek the life YOU intended for us and understand who YOU designed us to BE.

We are created in your image, so help us to reflect your image:

in our words

in our actions

in our expressions

in serving others…

Sunday is the day you set apart as a day of rest. A day for us to worship YOU. But more than that, it is a day for us to further connect with you.

Help us this day to find You: Rest in You: Listen for YoU: To READ and Immerse ourselves in YOUR WORD.

We shouldn’t be “conditioned” to treat Sunday Worship as a day to just¬† “show up” and go through the
“motions” of attending “church.”

WE are the church. The church is more than just a building. Your church is the body of people, following Your Will. Direct us, guide us and light the way…

You are our perfect example of life well lived. In the present, give us the “presence” of mind to make a difference in someone else’s day – to offer them a smile, a word of encouragement or just our “ears” to listen. Help us to BE your hands and feet.

Thank you for allowing us to FiND You and for blessing us with the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing that cannot be overcome in this world when we seek you and allow the spark of the spirit to flourish.

In YOUR name we pray, Amen

In the words of Phillips, Craig & Dean: Lord, YOU are Holy. Thank you for ALL of your many blessings (even IF we cannot see them clearly, at first)


“Recklessly, abandoned…never holding back”- Help me to Live like that, Lord



Dear Father,

Thank you:

For the gift of Life this morning

For the Light you provide to see the way

For the safety of your everlasting, merciful Love.

I could approach each day with hesitation. Were it not for the promises you have made and reassurances you have given me in Your Word, I would be lost without your guidance. I long to know you more and discern your voice. I want YOU to direct me in the path I should follow. YOU know me better than I know myself. YOU have created me and know my limits. Allow me to use my strengths and weaknesses in whatever way pleases YOU. By pleasing YOU, I will be Blessed…and be a blessing to others.

Although it’s hard to understand why things happen in the world we live in…I pray for anyone who is reading this (and everyone who is feeling):

fear, anxiety and pain

rejection, anger or betrayal

hunger, loneliness, or despair

those who have lost a job or having financial difficulties

grieving a loved ones loss or divorce

Our enemy doesn’t care about how we feel, but YOU do. Help us to find YOU. Help us surrender all our hurts and give them to YOU.

YOU are the only WAY…in YOU there is HOPE. Thank you for giving us Peace..but more than anything thank you for the mercy and forgiveness WE CaN find in your SON, Jesus.

And All God’s Children said: Amen

Monday’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

The work week is upon us. Thank you for providing us with a weekend of rest (hopefully) and reflection. All too often, we set out on our way and forget to include you in the things we do and say..let alone the decisions we make.

Life isn’t easy, but it becomes more difficult, more “burdensome” when we don’t (or forget) to include you. Giving in to your gentle guidance is like feeling the gentle breeze on a warm summer’s evening. We shouldn’t fear your hand pointing us in the right direction, but maybe that’s because we “fear” what we believe we can’t SEE.

Our vision is easily distorted. Reality isn’t always what we make it out to be. Bless us with clarity and help us to see what we need to, Help us to understand your truth. We need YOU.

Thank you, Lord, for your everlasting love, Amen

Sunday Morning Worship

Abba Father,

The 7th day has arrived. The day of the week we bow on bended knee and raise our hands to you in reverence, seeking your glory . Without the sacrifice of your son on The Cross we would be doomed. Though we are sinners, drowning in temptation we seek your forgiveness and mercy. Help us to reach out to answer the door. Help us to find Peace in YOU and your promises.

You are standing on the other side and waiting for us to open the door. You are waiting patiently for us to listen to you. Your still small voice echos the opportunity of Salvation if only we will listen. Only in you and through you can we find the redemptive love that you long to share with us.

Your gracious mercy is a fountain that overflows. The blood you shed on the cross cleanses me. The gift of your holy spirit creates in me a new life and new hope

Thank you for loving us enough to send us your son…and create in Him the perfect sacrificial lamb. I am eternally grateful for your blessings and the promises of your WORD.

Fill me with your spirit, walk with me and guide me….I am YOURS.

In Christ Jesus, Amen


Saturday Morning

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this gift; for the promise of what today offers. Though I am not worthy of your grace, I am grateful for your sacrifice. Your son, my redeemer…laid His life down for me. He paid my ransom, when I could not. He Loved me before I existed and gave me second chances when I didn’t deserve them – He gave them to us all.

Lord, we are all hurting (in some way). Hurt is felt in so many forms. As I write this, people of all ages…everywhere are going through pain (physical, emotion, psychological, financial – and YOU know them all).

For all those who are hurting, oppressed, grieving (and the list goes on) please wrap your loving arms around them. Even though there are many that may not know you yet…shed your light in their darkness. Allow them to feel the peace and warmth of your presence. Your Love knows no bounds. Introduce the love of your Son to them; forever change their lives and the course of their destiny.

I ask you for your direction today. Allow me to hear your whispers, gain from your knowledge and grow in your wisdom.

May your blessings follow us today and always…