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Friday Night Reflection: Gratitude

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for answering my prayer of protection today. I know you were there with me and I am grateful for your presence.

I don’t know where the road ahead is leading..but I trust you to guide my footsteps.

You see everything that has happened before and what is to come.

Please give me your peace. Release my anxiety…help me not to carry this burden any further than the end of this post. Allow me to sleep peacefully and wake rested and refreshed. Your will is all I want. Help me to see You in everything I face – your answer and opinion are the only things that count.

Thank YOU, too for answering my other prayer this week. Your answer is proof that you do work in the silence(s) and I believe you made your answer very clear, just as I requested.

If I am to write Lord, be it the blog or any other project you have in mind…create the pathway and the means for it to happen: I am listening for you.

Bless us this weekend with hearts full of appreciation, kindness and love. Allow us all to be a beacon of your light and love – bless each of us with the power to shine.

In Jesus Name, Amen.