Prayer – Listen for His Voice! He is calling you…

Holy Father,

Here I am again, kneeling before you and looking for the words. I’m not worthy of your grace, but am changed by simply “being” in your presence.

I sit looking at the cursor on my laptop while the world outside this window shifts into high gear. Make the words on this page speak volumes to those who are in desperate need of your love. There is more than enough of you to go around.

I saw two videos this week and I have been arguing with myself about whether or not to post them. You know the ones I am referring to. Too many hurting souls are questioning your sovereignty, your very existence. I will not allow myself to be affected by the doubters. My job is here and continues…

The best I can do (and I believe what you expect from me) is to listen to your nudges and transcribe those thoughts right here. So, here I go:


Lord, Soften the hearts of those who have hardened themselves to you

Allow those, who eyes have been blinded by the lies of the enemy, to uncover the truth, Your Truth

For those who are facing their last days, their last hours on this earth…help them to find you and seek your grace (better one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere!) Psalm 84:10

In the busy-ness of life, when we allow ourselves to get caught up with what doesn’t really matter; bring us back to you.

We will all meet you at some point, Lord. Prepare us for that day, but in the meantime guide us to your presence. The only place where peace can truly be found.

Thank you for your grace and mercy, and the many blessings we see – and even those we don’t.

In Jesus name, Amen

( I have loved Casting Crowns since I first heard them a couple of years ago…but I’d never seen this video until I was led to post it – I screen every video before I include it – I didn’t realize I hadn’t understood all the lyrics until I saw them in this video. Take the time to watch it…let it lift you up – feel free to sing along with it! I’m not embarrassed to say, it brought tears to my eyes.)







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