Reflections: accountability & blessings

Time to try something new.

It’s 9:30pm and my eyes are SCREAMing sleep (sorry for the yell) but all I can think of is what transpired (or didn’t today).

I read my Jesus Calling devotional (AND cross referenced Sarah’s footnotes!)

I blogged..once or twice? That would make this up to my 3rd entry – (cool ;P, but not necessarily stellar)

I went on a middle school tour – overwhelming.

I picked up a library book (Pagan Christianity), which I have been waiting a couple of weeks to dig into (digging yet to be done)

I pleaded with my (android) phone not to completely lose power…while using my “nav app.” I also spent more time than I should have using it unproductively. And by admitting that here…it is my incentive to stop doing so. I want to be a good steward of my time; because time isn’t something I can BUY Back!

I mention the above because while most of these are all worthy and necessary activities, I have 3 specific goals I’d really like to work toward this year:

Read. Write. Blog.

Like anyone, I could blog til the cows come home. But what I say here, I want to mean something. I want THE Word of God to come pouring out and drench my keyboard. I want to make life richer, for myself as the writer and you as the reader. Which means I need to stay grounded in scripture. Those words are my living water…without them, my writing will suffer.

Organize, Purge and Reset:

this is to diligently get my house cLEANed out. It’s one thing to attend funerals and it’s another to inherit item(s) that need a new home. I really don’t need any of it…but now to figure out what to do with what someone else left behind. Besides, how much is really enough? (Rhetorical question here: Matthew 6:19)

My embroidery hobby.

I love to embroider and I need to turn things up a notch. If I could get my house “in order” I might be able to pursue this secondary passion and make something of it. But only if it’s God’s will…

Seek Christ

I am searching for him in the everyday “mundane”-ness and passing along whatever I can…to light the path behind me and keep me on the straight ‘n narrow!

But while I am searching..while I am caught up in the to-do’s, must do’s and chore lists – I have to remember that the only way through the fog or the darkness is to trust Him. Where my field of vision is obscured from seeing the future; his is not. He can see everything concerning me from the beginning of my life, up to my last breath. He didn’t send me here to go it alone. He put me here to see things from his perspective and weave them into my daily life.

So, what would I change about today – looking into tomorrow? Pray more. Worry less. Trust and then dive in when He cues me.

In reflection, it really is that simple.

How were you blessed today? Were you a blessing to someone else? How? I’d love to know, share it with me and leave a comment.

Sleep well friends and remember, we are surrounded by blessings – Good night 😉

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dawn Duca on August 27, 2013 at 4:03 am

    I am blessed every single time you blog and make an entry here. I look forward to your posts and they are so helpful to me in so many ways. Thanks for the blessings!


    • I am just shining His Light, Dawn. Pure and simple. This isn’t my blog…it’s the God-Blog. I re-read my prayer post yesterday…and it was all His words. Not really sure how they got there – except that He’s using me as His vessel to talk to ALL of us. If I am able to be a blessing to others in the process then I AM serving God and AMEN!


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