Sunday Reflections

Father God,

You are Holy, Mighty and Worthy…we seek your strength, help us find our worth

You are loving…help us to love each other, without conditions or pretense

You are our Creator, you belief in life. Help us to seek the life YOU intended for us and understand who YOU designed us to BE.

We are created in your image, so help us to reflect your image:

in our words

in our actions

in our expressions

in serving others…

Sunday is the day you set apart as a day of rest. A day for us to worship YOU. But more than that, it is a day for us to further connect with you.

Help us this day to find You: Rest in You: Listen for YoU: To READ and Immerse ourselves in YOUR WORD.

We shouldn’t be “conditioned” to treat Sunday Worship as a day to just  “show up” and go through the
“motions” of attending “church.”

WE are the church. The church is more than just a building. Your church is the body of people, following Your Will. Direct us, guide us and light the way…

You are our perfect example of life well lived. In the present, give us the “presence” of mind to make a difference in someone else’s day – to offer them a smile, a word of encouragement or just our “ears” to listen. Help us to BE your hands and feet.

Thank you for allowing us to FiND You and for blessing us with the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing that cannot be overcome in this world when we seek you and allow the spark of the spirit to flourish.

In YOUR name we pray, Amen

In the words of Phillips, Craig & Dean: Lord, YOU are Holy. Thank you for ALL of your many blessings (even IF we cannot see them clearly, at first)


“Recklessly, abandoned…never holding back”- Help me to Live like that, Lord


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